Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kids Blogging

So we have decided to make a deal with my kids.....Here is the deal.

All five of my kids always want everything new and high tech. You know the normal, tablets, kindles, nooks, PS3, PSP, DS, ipod, iphones and yes laptops! Well as you all know I have 5 kids and all that stuff x5 is a lot of money. So we now have a contract in place. I will help them start a blog and they have from now until christmas to write in that blog at least one time a week. If they write quality researched articles we will get them a notebook for christmas.

I told them they cannot just make some small kindergarten entry and expect that to be ok and get them a notebook. It has to be a real quality post with some truth and research behind it. i can ne opinions and views and how to's but quality it the most important! If they do not write in the blog every week then they will not get a notebook for christmas.

 So they are all in the process of choosing a blog subject that they will enjoy writing about and that gives them a lot of different topics to cover.

Hailey has decided to write about her pet rats in her blog called  Hailey's Hero's. In her blog you will find everything about her rats, from training to care and even just fun things and funny moments. She will be starting a rat naming contest this month too. So tune in and maybe you will win!! she has done amazing job so far, so you all may want to check it out. I am very proud of her.

The next blog I will be helping set up will be called Babbling Brittany. That one will be set up tonight and I will update this blog with her link as well. Her blog since she is smaller will be about whatever she wants to really write about that goes through a 4th graders head. She struggles with reading and writing and I figured this could help her improve a ton, especially with it being something she will really enjoy writing about.

Brooklynn's blog called Brooklynn's Beautilicious Blog , she wants to write about fashion, makeup, hair, nails and all other girly things. She will also be learning how to make all thinks fashion so join and learn how to sew and make all kinds of other amazing things!!

 Logan is still really small so we are going to be doing his a little different. He will be having his dad help him with his so that he can work on spelling and writing. He wants to write about cars, farms, games and tractors. So his will be called Logan's Logomotive.

 Last there is Lexi she also has a blog name undecided but knows she is doing her on the life and random thoughts that go through a teen head. It should be interesting lol. She will also include informational post about bullying, and stuff she sees in high school on a daily basis. I know stopping bullying is one of her passions. from experience and seeing it first had happen to kids and feeling helpless and not knowing what to do. In her words bullies don't only pick on kids with no friends, even us in sports with a lot of friends see what it is like. So her blog also should be a must read if you have kids or teens. She will also be starting a pen pal writing group with her blog so anyone getting bullied no matter where in the world can write to her and she will be their friend! Again so very very proud of her ideas, and can't wait to see how it turns out.

I also thought this would give all the kids a great outlet to express themselves while also learning and improving their reading and writing skill. Plus I have told them that with any money their blogs make under me, I will give them the money to pay for a cell phone every month, or to get whatever they like at the time.

Here is also a great website that talks about the benefits and kids blogging and tons of other cool stuff for kids:) The school run and another great site is Educational social media


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