Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Sorry for not writing in a long time I have been so so busy! We have had so much going on it is crazy, With all the holidays 5 kids, school and working full-time.  We have also recently learned my son may have autism, so my blog is going to a little more diverse while we go through this time in our life. I will be posting all about the situation, how it came about, what the outcome is and the process of everything from testing to diagnosis. I have looked all over the web and no one gives clear specific answers. So that is my goal. The other thing that has been hard to find is signs and symptoms, especially if your child is high functioning like mine. He fits a lot of things but seems to have a much milder case than what is described over and over. I want to go over all the signs and symptoms and compare my sons symptoms and how he does with each thing. To let parents see it's not the end of the world. Most of the stories we hear with autism are very sad, but also inspiring. but I want to keep a journal of every step of the way, so parents know what to expect, where to start, and how long the process takes. I hope everyone will join me on my journey and find all the information helpful.

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